Why Your Smartphone is the Best Tool for Content Creation

Content is king. It's no brainer that personal brands are built on content these days. And for businesses, It’s essential to maintain a digital brand presence to stay current. Almost everyone has some personal platform for posting (or at the very least for cataloging small moments and memories). TikTok, YouTube, BeReal … take your pick. 

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Whether it’s for yourself or a business, content creation is a major part of being online. So it makes sense that you’re considering investing in it. You’ve researched all the gear, the lights, the cameras, the gimbals. But the question is… do you really need all of the fancy extras to create content when the real essential tool is a great smartphone? Alot of photographers and video creators are ditching traditional options for a lean mobile set-up. But can you rely on just your phone?

Here’s 5 reasons why your smartphone is the ultimate tool for content creation


For the major smartphone brands and manufacturers, cameras are a big focus. They’re a main selling point for top-end devices and as a result, smartphone cameras have become extremely advanced.

The most recent Google, Samsung and Apple models offer cameras with over 40 megapixels that capture detail and color in a very realistic manner. The different modes on these cameras also let you optimize for action, detail and low light. Want to show the camera grids for a better layout? No problem. Are you a pro photographer? The modes on the most recent smartphones include a manual option too; so you can capture an image exactly as your heart desires.. 


A smartphone that weighs a few ounces is a lot easier to carry around than a professional camera set-up. Need to run outside for a shot? You can literally throw your phone in your pocket or bag. Smaller devices are also easy to mount and require less effort to set up. Having a phone to shoot can be extremely versatile. If you think of an idea off the top of your head just film right where you are. What could be easier really.


Think about durability too! For instance the most recent Apple iPhones on the market have great water and dust resistance. The body is made of surgical grade steel with a ceramic shield. If you’re a creator shooting in rugged conditions this is good news. How about a food blogger worried about spills and crumbs? The durability of smartphones is a big plus. 

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" A small and powerful smartphone gives you everything you need to create content without having to purchase an excessive amount of gear. "


The editing possibilities on mobile are quickly catching up with traditional editing software and now include many features that let you create extraordinary videos right on your phone within minutes. Trim music, speed up clips, add text, these are all in app features in most of the dominant content creation apps! Just look at the video editor on TikTok, features keep growing and you can see all of your clips on a timeline just like Adobe Premiere Pro

The bottom line is; shoot on your phone, edit on your phone and post from your phone. No need to transfer files back and forth (which can be quite time consuming). You can basically do this process 100% mobile  — what a breath of fresh air. 


Alright, if you’re thinking top of the line phone models you might be looking at $1500 - $2000. Which can seem steep but when you compare it to some of the powerful cinematic cameras and equipment on the market, you’ll actually come out on top.

You might also be able to upgrade through your carrier on a payment plan. Some sellers (like Frank Mobile 😉) offer buy now and pay later options, like Afterpay. A small and powerful smartphone gives you everything you need to create without having to purchase an excessive amount of accessories and set up gear. 

If you have an older model you might want to consider investing in a few add ons to bring it up to speed but just weigh those purchases against the cost of a phone upgrade because things add up quickly in content creation world!

If you’re really looking for some additional swag to add to your smartphone kit you can look at a microphone and a decent tripod and you’re basically GTG baby - good to go. 

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