Essential Smartphone Photography Tools

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So you already know that the latest Smarphones have incredible capacity to shoot amazing stills and video yeah? Well if you didn’t; they do. And if you’re on the go it’s easier than ever to just grab a few good smartphone accessories and bring your phone with you to capture your best moments. So what are some of the key iPhone and smartphone accessories you’ll need to scoop up to shoot like a pro on the go? 

Here’s some of our tops: 

The Tripod Selfie-Stick

You’re thinking okay okay a selfie stick? Naw, this accessory doubles as a tripod so you can get two in one function. Use it as an extended arm to get more reach to take a selfie OR set it up for great still and video shots as a tripod They also generally fold up to a size of about 7 inches in length while still remaining sturdy when extended. 

Check out the ATUMTEK selfi-tripod collection 

tripod selfie stick

The Joby Gorilla Pod

This is a pretty classic piece of ismartphone photography gear. We love it for its ability to wrap around almost any object and keep your phone secure in its grasp. Capture awkward angles or set it up as a mini tripod. There are a lot of tripods to choose from when it comes to camera accessories but the adjustable legs on the Gorilla Pod and its ability to support a decent amount of weight while being portable makes it a winner. 

See the Joby Collection here

Gorilla Pod


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Mobile Gimbals

The most recent iPhone cameras are pretty darn good with stabilization when it comes to filming in motion but grabbing a mobile gimbal will up your video game and let you shoot the smoothest video with cinematic results. Yeah, pretttyyy sweet. Not to mention a mobile gimbal makes a phone much easier to handle and film while you're walking and jumping around.  

Check out the DJI mobile gimbal collection 

mobile gimbal

Power Bank

Let’s face it, when you’re on the move, surfing online and shooting a lot of video. The battery on your smartphone is going to drain faster than usual. It’s a good idea to have a power bank so you can charge up on the go. We dig the Anker Powercore series. The PowerCore III 10K Wireless offers portable wireless charging, usb Qi- charging and let’s you charge anywhere you go.  

Check out Anker power Banks Here

power bank

Bluetooth Remote Control

Your iPhone has a self-time but it still has limitations. You only have a few seconds to get yourself into the image frame before the photo snaps. 

When you connect a small remote to your phone with Bluetooth, you can activate the camera to take a picture once you’re READY for the photo to be taken. Remotes are also small these days and fit discreetly in your hand. 

Using a Bluetooth remote control is also a nice way to avoid motion blur since you don’t have to touch your phone. 

We like the super affordable CamKix remote that fits on your keychain. 

power bank

One of the best parts about iPhone camera accessories is that they can be as compact as your iPhone. Even if you're a seasoned photographer it can be easier to fit out your smartphone than carry around your large (not to mention expensive) photography equipment. From lenses to remotes there are few fun extras to help everyone. 

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