Q: Why Refurb?

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"Why did you choose a refurbished iPhone?"
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Refurbished iPhone 11 Pro 64GB Midnight Green
Simply because refurbished phones are circular economy in full swing - it’s good for your wallet and our planet. I was looking to upgrade from my iPhone 7 to one of the later models with a better camera and decided for the iPhone 11 Pro in mint condition. I got everything I was looking for but for almost half the price of a new one. And most importantly to me without contributing to more electronic waste or let alone the immense carbon emissions released during the manufacturing of new iPhones.
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Refurbished iPhone 8 256GB Silver
I chose to purchase a refurbished iPhone for my son as we both believe it was a responsible choice to make for our planet, one little thing we could do; cost effective and as good as a new one anyway. No brainer really. I will be upgrading my phone in the near future and will be purchasing my refurbished phone through Frank mobile also. Thank you
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Refurbished iPhone 7 32GB Rose Gold
My refurbished iPhone is great. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a new phone so I decided to try refurbished. I will choose to go refurbished again.
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Refurbished iPhone XS Max 64GB Space Grey
I'm really pleased with my refurbished iPhone. The main reason for buying was the price being cheaper. Super happy with my iPhone, was exactly as described.
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Refurbished iPhone XS 64GB Space Grey
Hi Matt, I chose a refurbished iPhone was for two reasons. Less expensive and better for the environment. 
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Refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB Space Grey
I think that phones are overpriced at the moment. Seeing that I could get the same phone in mint condition at a better price and not having to run the risk of buying one off a random on marketplace which could be locked to networks etc.
To make it shorter. Better price, same phone and features as buying it from new.
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Refurbished iPhone 8 Plus 64GB Silver
Didn’t think I really needed to pay squillions for all the bells and whistles loaded to the latest iPhone version.
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Refurbished iPhone 7 32GB Gold
So the reason I bought refurbished is because of the price. I didn’t want to spend a sh*t load of money on the new, latest iPhone (don’t tend to ever invest in depreciating assets) and secondly, landfill. Where are all these old phones ending up if others don’t buy and reuse. Hope this helps.
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Refurbished iPhone XR 64GB Blue
I chose a refurbished iPhone as it much cheaper than a brand new phone and I wanted to contribute to reducing electronic waste. By buying refurbished you get a great product for a great price.
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Refurbished iPhone 8 64GB Gold
We were stoked to find Frank as we wanted to buy an iPhone for our daughter but to spend big bucks on a new one just seemed way to impractical so to get a refurbished iPhone at a fraction of the cost was a great way to go. She got her iPhone and together with Frank and us we did a tiny bit to see that another phone didn't end up in the landfill.

Keep a up the great work guys #lovefrank
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Refurbished iPhone 7 32GB Black
I needed a new iPhone and I went on the apple website and saw how expensive even older models can be. Then I found your awesome website and thought these guys look awesome I’m getting a phone thats exactly the same as the ones on the apple website but I’m getting it cheaper and supporting a smaller business. Overall one of the best investments I’ve made. Great new phone works perfectly and every time I need a new phone from now on I’ll be coming back to FRANK!
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Refurbished iPhone X 64GB Space Grey
Great value, and important to keep electronic waste to a minimum. Was a good option for a student, and have had absolutely no issues!
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Refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max 128GB Gold
I always choose refurbished iPhones because it's a great way to get close to the newest iPhone at a cheaper price. And it also feels good to know I am buying sustainably
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Refurbished iPhone 7 128GB Silver
I think Refurbished iPhones are great price. Work well with a good warranty for peace of mind. Thank you
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Refurbished iPhone 8 64GB Silver
For my wife and I there were two main reasons for refurbished rather than new:

1. Price. We had to buy two iPhones for two teenage children and we could almost get two phones for the price of one. When we looked into Frank, we noticed we could buy a phone in mint condition (equivalent to new). We also noticed Frank have a 12 month warranty (also equivalent to new).

2. The environment. If we all do the small things we can do then that can't hurt...right?
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Refurbished iPhone XS 64GB Space Grey 

I chose a refurbished iPhone as it was way cheaper than new. It also allowed you the choice to buy a slightly older model which also saves money. And buying a phone outright was a better choice for me as my plan is super cheap for what I get and I never want to lose it.

Also the guarantee of the phone being checked and working 100% was great to know I pretty much get a new phone quality usage, but a couple of small marks which it would get after a week or two use anyway.

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Refurbished iPhone X 256GB Silver
I chose a refurbished iPhone because I was sick of paying full price for phones that felt outdated/ lost their “new” feeling a few months after buying them. Getting the second hand one felt just as good because it was still an upgrade! I also love that I gave an old phone new life and it didn’t have any excessive packaging that new phones come with.

Thanks for the quick postage and super cute packaging, will definitely recommend Frank to others/ use again!
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Refurbished iPhone XS 64GB Space Grey
I chose refurbished because it is a lot better for the environment as no new phone had to be made while another phone was recycled and can be used again for a very reasonable price. Refurbished means helping myself and the world around me. A huge thanks to your entire team for helping me with my purchase. Everything from the online website to the packaging for the phone made the entire experience fun and enjoyable.I will definitely recommend Frank mobile to all my family and friends. Thank you so much for reaching out :)
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Refurbished iPhone 7 32GB Black
Came down to cost, environmental benefits and not wanting to feed the big companies' plans for unnecessary obsolescence. Love my Frank mobile so far.
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Refurbished iPhone XS 64GB Gold
I wanted to buy a refurb because I know there are SO many perfectly good phones out there that don’t get used or are sent to landfill every year. Making phones has a big impact on the environment and human rights and I’ve made a commitment to myself to not buy new phones, hopefully for the rest of my life, and then get every inch of life out of my phones before recycling them. The phone I bought off you is fantastic quality and buying refurbished phones feels like something small I can do to have a positive impact on the planet. I found Frank through a Google search and love that you’re a small Aussie owned company.

Thanks for doing the good work!
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Refurbished iPhone 6S 64GB Space Grey
I chose refurbished because I wanted an iPhone but didn’t want to pay new price. Happy to buy what someone else doesn’t want if it’s in good condition. Liked the idea of buying through middle man for a phone to ensure was in good working order, unlocked, clear of data etc. Really happy with your service and the condition of my new phone.
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Refurbished iPhone 8 64GB Space Grey
I really love and support the idea of recycling and reusing material items. If a refurbished iPhone works just as well as if it was purchased brand new, I don’t understand why more people don’t buy them more. It’s helps save the environment and is cheaper :) I had a friend purchase from you guys and they were mentioning how the quality and functioning of their phone was the same as brand new.
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Refurbished iPhone 6S 16GB Space Grey
The biggest factor in choosing refurbished was price. I wanted an iPhone but didn’t want to pay the big bucks that the major companies charge. I’m with Aldi mobile so I got a great iPhone, at a good price, and on a really good plan at $25 per month.  Very happy with my Refurbished iPhone!