Let's Be Frank

The concept of refurbished electronics isn't exactly sexy.

In fact, when we first came across the idea of used iPhones, our shared reaction was EWWW MATE.
But we dug a little deeper and we're glad we did. It turns out that refurb is amazing! Better for your wallet, better for the planet and the gear is unexpectedly fresh AF.
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We didn't just stumble upon some unacknowledged problem that needed solving. We chose Frank because we're seeking to do business in an industry where we can make a big impact and have a lot of fun. Considering that over 50% of Australians use an iPhone, what better place to start?
Building a sustainable and conscious company is in our DNA so extending the life of perfectly good technology speaks to that.
iPhones are expensive but we're here to let you in on a secret; there's a better way to get your hands on the latest device. You've just got to be open minded. Sneaky Sneaks ;)
Welcome to your Australian destination for Premium Refurbished iPhones.
Get Franked xo