Is the iPhone X a Good Phone?

The iPhone X is a great option for a modern iPhone at a good price point. We kind of see it as the oldest “new” iPhone. The updates made to the design of the iPhone X from the iPhone 8 generation are significant. The iPhone X has an improved camera and display with higher resolution. The display on the iPhone X saw the removal of the home button and top and bottom bezel which gives the X a much better screen to body ratio. The iPhone X introduced Face ID for Apple. The sides of the phone are constructed out of surgical grade stainless steel and the front and back are extremely durable glass. As far as looks go, the iPhone X appears polished and sleek and is similar to many of the most current Apple iPhone models. 

Apple is a leader in smartphone innovation so even though features evolve and some materials change, the iPhone X holds up as a quality device. An important consideration in your purchase of an iPhone will be what you intend to use the phone for. Overall, a second hand Apple iPhone X offers trusted and modern iOS features at a cheap price. If you’re looking for more information on the specific features check out more of the questions below. 

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