Is the iPhone 7 Plus a Good Phone?

The iPhone 7 Plus is a great option for an entry level phone at a cheap price point. Even though it’s an older model in iPhone years, it still looks pretty slick and relevant. This device is going to be much cheaper for you than the models that come after.

It has a durable aluminum casing so it’s not as prone to smashing like some of the other iPhone models with glass backs. Apple produces modern products so even though features evolve and some materials change, the iPhone 7 Plus holds up as a quality device. An important consideration in your purchase of an iPhone 7 will be what you intend to use the phone for. The Apple iPhone 7 Plus is a decent handset for basic functions at a good price point but it certainly isn’t fancy. If you’re looking for more information on the specific features check out more of the questions below. 

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