What's the Difference Between A New & Refurbished Phone?

When done properly, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between a refurbished and a new phone. That’s the beauty of it! You can spend a fraction of the price for basically a brand new phone. But what exactly is the difference between a refurbished and new phone? Other than the obvious. 

red iPhone 8 Image: Frank Mobile

The first thing is where they come from. A new device comes straight from the manufacturer in a sealed box. Odds are it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, too.

A refurbished phone on the other hand, has already been purchased but was brought back (for a number of reasons). But hang on...doesn’t that just make it a used phone? Not quite. A used phone is sold straight from the previous owner as is. You accept the problems with it and keep moving. A refurbished phone is repaired and cleaned up after it’s been returned, making it near perfect again for the consumer (you!)

At Frank, we make sure each refurbished phone is something we’re proud of. Our Frank Verified phones are checked, tested, and verified before making their way to you. Here are the features we check and test before selling you a refurbished phone.

Front Camera
Rear Camera
Battery Charging
Volume Keys 
Home Keys
Screen Lock Key
Call function
Silent Keys 
Bottom Microphone
Rear Microphone
Camera Flash
Battery Wear
LCD Color 
3D Touch
Touch ID
white iPhone 8 Plus, red iPhone 8, gold iPhone 8

If you get a good refurbished phone, it will come with a warranty & guarantee of some sorts. If the refurbished phone you’re buying doesn’t come with that, it might be worth looking somewhere else. Ultimately, you want the refurbished phone to come with most of, if not all, of the same promises that a new phone would. 

The difference between a new phone and a refurbished phone really just lies in the fact that it was sold, returned, and tested or fixed up. The functionality is almost identical, but you’ll be paying less for a refurbished phone. Doesn’t that sound like a win?