What are the Rules with Phones & Relationships?

While living online is part of our daily lives, phone obsessions can seriously interfere with personal relationships. Everyone navigates the online world a little differently but putting your phone ahead of the people around you can be seriously rude (not to mention hurtful). 3 things that we can avoid with our smartphones for the good of our relationships:

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Snubbing your partner with your smartphone. It’s a thing. Stop talking and scrolling to give your partner the attention that they deserve. Is your phone interrupting your time together? Games, emails and social media can wait. Tending to your phone instead of your partner can feel like rejection and be damaging to mental health. Mark some together time each day without phone use. 

Using Your Phone as Avoidance

Do you turn your attention to your phone to avoid stress and negative events in real life? Failing to address the reality of a situation by turning to your screen is bad news. Don’t use your phone to steer clear of intimacy and communication. You can’t distract yourself forever. Try creating tech free zones in your space. It’s a biggy but YOU CAN DO IT. 

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Only Texting

Yes, texting is convenient but messages can get lost in the barrage of communications and notifications that we receive daily. Sometimes a good old fashioned phone call gets the job done better than anything. Hearing your voice is worth a thousand 😘 and separates your significant other from just another text. After all, it does take a little extra time to make a call. 

When it comes to phones and relationships, it’s important to acknowledge that everyone navigates the online world a little differently. Particular behaviours that matter to one person in a relationship might not even cross the other partner’s mind. So it’s important to understand what really matters to your Hunny and to strike a balance that works for you. You get to make your own rules! Just remember that life online isn’t real life but it is a part of life and the rules of respect still apply here. Couple selfies are cool though ✌🏾.


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