What Are the Best iPhone Apps for Kids in 2021

Whether or not you let your kids have a phone in 2021 really isn’t a question anymore. Now that there are different settings allowing you to set up safeguards, you can feel a little better about handing over a device. If you are going to give your kid a phone, there are some apps you might want to download onto their phone. Some of them are practical, and some are just downright fun. 

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Todo Math
Make math a little more fun for the kiddos. Todo Math has daily practice activities to help your kids learn while also playing games. Common Sense Media lists Todo Math as having an A+ educational value. 

For $8 a month, your kid can have access to over 35,000 books, making their screen time a little more palatable (and a lot more educational). Now you don’t have to worry about carrying books with you on road trips or when running errands. It’s the best of both worlds.

YouTube Kids
YouTube can be an...interesting place. There’s content of all kinds on there, and safe to say most of it you don’t want your kids to see. YouTube Kids has a kid-friendly interface and only shows videos that are deemed appropriate for kids. You can even disable the search function so only videos suggested and reviewed by YouTube are shown. 

Brain Improvement Games for Kids

Your kids are going to want to play games on their phone—that’s just the way it goes. So if they’re going to play games, you may as well make them educational. Brain Improvement Game for Kids is a brain teaser and matching game app that will challenge you to improve your memory and sharpen your mind. 

Lightbot: Code Hour 

Coding is the way of the future, and the earlier kids start to learn it, the more likely they are to pick up the skill. Lightbot: Code Hour gets kids interested in coding without making it too complicated, and also challenges their brains. 


Are your kids interested in music? Loopimal lets them experiment with creating short songs, teaching your kids about creativity and the basics of music. They may not be masterpieces at the end of the day, but your kids will feel good about creating something new. 


You might even use this app, but it’s also great for kids. Duolingo is a good way to learn a second language, which challenges your brain and opens you up to new cultures. Your kids can make their way through different activities, and even if they don’t retain all the information as they get older, it will at least stimulate their brain and let them apply themselves. 

The most important thing to remember when it comes to apps on your kids’ phones is that you disable in-app purchases (unless you want to be hit with an unexpected bill 😉). 

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