Mobile Monster: Recycling Your Tech with Style and Sustainability

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Are you looking for a trustworthy place to sell your phone in Australia? Do you know about Mobile Monster? We LOVE this Aussie-owned business 🐨 They’ve been shaking up the world of electronic waste recycling for over a decade now and leading the way in simple solutions for handling our unused devices. Get ready to say see-ya to e-waste and hello to a greener future. We’re not just talking about recycling … we also mean cash 💲

Let's face it — e-waste is a colossal problem for our planet. Tossing your phone in the trash not only wreaks havoc on the environment but also squanders precious resources. The team at Mobile Monster looks for a more sustainable solution. Their entire business model revolves around recycling unused devices and giving them a second chance to shine. By teaming up with sustainable Australian companies, they ensure responsible recycling of your phones and tablets. With Mobile Monster you sell your smartphone BUT what’s even better is that you can do it all online… and we love that for you.

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Simple, Convenient, and Hassle-Free!

1. Get an Instant Quote: Hop onto the Mobile Monster website and get a lightning-fast quote for your device in just 2 minutes. No strings attached, no commitments necessary. It's almost like magic! Seriously, this process is really straightforward. 

2. Choose the Condition: Let them know if your phone is New, Working, or Dead. If it falls into the "working" category, it’s still okay if it has a few battle scars. You just need to spill the tea on any faults it may have.

3. You Get an Offer: Kick back, and let the monster work its pricing magic. You’ll be presented  with a sweet deal for your phone based on the condition you selected. Could be like finding a hidden treasure in your own pocket!

4. Share Your Details: You give your contact information and Mobile Monster gets in touch. 

5. Send In Your Phone(s): You literally get sent a handy-dandy Australia Post mailbag. You pop your device inside, and off it goes to the recycling headquarters. 

6. The Expert Review: Once your device reaches Mobile Monster, the tech experts give it a thorough inspection to make sure  it matches the description you provided. We take quality control as seriously as a puppy takes its chew toy!

7. Cash in Your Account: Drumroll, please! Once your phone passes inspection, you swiftly receive the agreed-upon amount into your nominated account within 24 hours. No waiting around, no tedious paperwork. In terms of fast money… It's pretty darn good.

What about Safety? 

Being in the business of phones, you’re dealing with data, which can leave you wondering... is my information safe? The tech experts and Mobile Monster know how to ensure all devices are securely wiped clean of any private data. Of course, it’s important to ensure that you remove any personal locks on your devices and reset them before you send them back. If you need to know how to do this for an iPhone, you can check out this handy step by step guide.

Reasons We Love Mobile Monster:

 You can sell more than just your smartphone Mobile Monster takes back tablets, watches and also does bulk sales

 Recyclable solutions:  A company that leverages the circular economy. Need we say more.

 Price beat guarantee:  Mobile Monster says they’ll beat any Australian advertised price by 5%. Cha-ching! 

 Donate your phone:  Feeling like you want to give back? Mobile Monster partners with Head Start Homes to help reduce homelessness and e-waste; and that’s dope. If you don’t want to sell, you can donate.

     Fast cash & speedy payments:  This is a great option to make a few extra dollars when you need it. A lot of us have old devices kicking around at the back of our nightstands. Make some money.

     Convenience:  get a real time quote based on the true condition of your device in 1 minute. You sell your phone online and receive an Australia Post satchel to send it to Monster HQ. We’ve done it and this process is so easy. 

     Australian:  owned and operated. Support a local business. 

     Trustworthy reviews:  Mobile Monster has thousands of happy Australian customers who have left reviews on trustpilot. You can also check out their Facebook page and soak up the positive vibes. They’ve got quite a seamless process and top-notch customer service. We know first hand that service is a big deal when you're dealing with refurbished devices so… respect. 

     The green monster:  I mean, pretty cute. 

      Ready to Make a Positive Impact? Check out Mobile Monster and embark on a recycling adventure that's both stylish and sustainable. You can help minimize your environmental footprint, and create a greener future. Oh, and the cash isn’t bad either. 💚 That’s going to be a win-win from us. Together, we can all make a difference, one device at a time. 

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