Can My iPhone Support Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging has become all the rage with iPhones. It’s a tangle-free way of getting some juice back in your device ✨ Some cars even have wireless charging accessories built in now. Wild, right? But if you’re not using one of the newer iPhone models (which is totally fine, by the way), then how do you know if your phone can actually support wireless charging? 

The good news is, basically any iPhone from the last three years can be charged wirelessly. According to Apple, these models of phone can support wirelessly charging:

  • iPhone SE (2nd generation)
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus

So how does wireless charging work, exactly? Any iPhone 8 or later uses magnetic induction to charge your device, working with Qi-certified chargers. Qi is an “open, universal charging standard created by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC).” This means you don’t have to buy the wireless charger from Apple directly. As long as it’s Qi certified, you can safely use it with your iPhone. Though it’s called wireless charging, you’ll still need a plug for the charger itself. The “wireless” portion refers to the fact that your phone isn’t tethered to anything. 

wireless charging an iphone


When you charge your phone wirelessly, you may notice that it starts to feel a bit warmer than if you were charging it regularly. This is normal, and will tend to happen more frequently if the battery isn’t collecting or storing energy properly. Apple has included a feature on your phone that will limit charging above 80% if the phone starts to get too warm. If you go to grab your phone from the charger and see that it’s not going higher than 80%, this is probably why. 


Something to keep in mind with wireless charging is that certain cases can interfere with your phone’s charging ability. This is especially true if your case holds anything with a magnetic strip (credit cards, hotel keys, etc). The magnetic induction could damage their functionality, which isn’t really what you’re going for. There are cases that specify whether or not they work well with wireless charging, so be on the lookout for those. Really, any case that isn’t too thick should be compatible. 


If you’re charging your phone wirelessly, make sure to put your phone on Do Not Disturb. If your phone vibrates while it’s on the wireless charging pad, it could shift positions and stop the phone from charging. 

Wireless charging is a great, tangle-free way to charge your phone, and if your phone is an iPhone 8 or later then you can find a Qi charger to give your device a some juice. 

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