Are Refurbished Phones Actually Good?

Let’s be real. Secondhand items can have a bad reputation. Especially when it comes to electronics. Everyone thinks secondhand or refurbished items are held together with staples, glue, and a little bit of hope. But that’s actually not the case! Well, not always.

As secondhand items become more accepted, necessary and prevalent; the way we approach refurb is changing. 'Refurbished' is actually an umbrella term that encompasses a lot more than just repairs. That's exactly why we need to demystify just what it means.

smashed iPhone Screen

A simple way to think about the concept of refurb is in the context of a relationship. The level of refurbishment that a device needs, is directly connected to it's previous situation. Was it loving relationship? unhealthy? Kinda hectic? What about how it ended? Was it broken or maybe traded in?

At Frank we like to say that refurb is about taking someone's once adored item & loving it back to it's most beautiful state so it's ready for the next. The efforts required to get ready for a new relationship vary but each step still needs proper attention. 

inside an Apple iPhoneImage: Frank Mobile

Refurbished smartphones are a perfect example. Sometimes a phone needs to be data wiped, professionally tested and then cleaned. But sometimes before that happens; it needs a screen replacement or new housing. Both items are refurbished but in different ways. You just need to do it right to make sure the end product meets premium standards. If you’re buying from a trustworthy source ( Frank 😉), you can actually get a pretty amazing deal on a like-new phone.

The best way to tell if a refurbished phone is good is by looking at the promises the company makes. This speaks directly to the confidence that a business has it’s products. Is there a quality guarantee? Is there a warranty attached to the phone? If there is, it's a pretty safe bet that you’re getting a good device. Odds are, you wouldn’t even know the phone was refurbished if someone handed it to you.

four refurbished Apple iPhonesImage: Frank Mobile

Refurbished phones give you the chance to get recent technology for a lower cost. If that’s the case, why not save yourself the money? Just like a brand new car, a brand new phone loses value immediately after it’s taken out of the box. When you buy a refurbished phone, that depreciated cost is already taken off the price tag. You’re getting 95% of the phone for 70% of the cost. Now, we’re not mathematicians, but that’s a good deal. 

Another thing to think about is when you buy a refurbished phone, you’re helping reduce environmental stress. 🌴 Purchasing a refurbished phone cuts the environmental impact of the device in half. HALF! Since manufacturers don’t have to source raw materials or spend energy creating a new phone, the carbon footprint is severely reduced. It’s not really possible to make your carbon footprint disappear, but isn’t it nice to know something as simple as buying a refurbished phone can help make a difference?

iPhone 11 Pro MaxApple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Ultimately, buying a refurbished phone is the way of the future. You work hard! You shouldn’t have to spend more than you have to on a phone. Spend it on something else, like groceries or...well, whatever you want. That’s your call.