The Best iPhone Apps For Women

Ladies, this one's for us. There are millions of iPhone apps available to users, and frankly it’s hard to keep track. Loading your phone up with apps can cause it to slow down and make things a bit cluttered, so it makes sense why you’d want to limit how many you have. 

That being said, there are some apps that all women should have on their phone whether it’s for fun, health, or something else. Some of them are specific to women, and others are just a darn good idea. 

BLond woman in causal t-shirt looking down at iPhone


Track and rate all the books you read on Goodreads and find others you’ll want to flip the pages of next. Goodreads is like a social networking site for bookworms, except you don’t have to interact with anyone. It’s just a handy way to keep track of all your...well, good reads. 

Spot On

Yes, the iPhone has a Health app that will track your period for you, but Spot On does so much more. It predicts your cycle, tracks your symptoms, and has tips and advice on your reproductive system. It’s amazing how much logging your symptoms can help you notice trends, and more importantly, worrying signs. Back by health professionals, Spot On gives women power on their period. 


So you’ve broken up with your what? Instead of going through your old photos and posts one by one, let KillSwitch to the dirty work. This app will discreetly remove all evidence of your ex from your social media page. And just in case you want those back in the future, all the posts will be saved in a hidden Facebook album on your profile. It’s not about being vindictive. It’s about cleansing your profiles. 

Daily Water Tracker Reminder

Proper hydration can lead to clear skin, fewer headaches, and more energy throughout the day. Admittedly, sometimes we get so busy we don’t even notice a few hours have gone by without grabbing a glass of water. That’s where Daily Water Tracker reminder comes in. Set up notifications to your phone reminding you when to take a sip. The schedule is customizable—as are the notifications.


Okay so no, it’s not just women who need to write with proper grammar, but it’s probably safe to say a woman’s grammar mistake will be more scrutinized than a man’s. Grammarly is basically autocorrect for your grammar, and gives you pointers on how to make your texts and emails flawless. It can also give you a gauge as to the tone of your voice. Not bad.   


Create perfect Instagram-worthy photos at your fingertips with Mextures, a photo-editing app that gives you access to filters, grains, textures, and other editing features. The perfect way to up your photo game.


Adventure with a little more peace of mind by downloading the SafetiPin app. The app monitors your GPS location and lets you add emergency numbers that can be accessed at the touch of a button. SafetiPin also shows you safe locations nearby in case of trouble and allows users to flag any area they deem unsafe. Put that in the win column. 

There are plenty of apps that women can find to make their lives easier. They don’t always have to be practical either. Basically, load your phone up with whatever you want, but check these apps out as a starting point.