Is the iPhone 6s better than the iPhone SE

Overall the iPhone 6s has more features and durability than the original SE. Let's clarify that this comparison is between the original iPhone SE and not the iPhone SE 2nd generation (which was released in 2020). The 6s is available in 128GB storage capacity while the SE is limited to 16GB and 64GB. The SE tends to be the phone that is most basic in functionality and at the time it was released it was created as an affordable but elegant piece of technology. 

The iPhone SE and the iPhone 6s share many similar features. They are both smaller and light iPhone models. Both have the same pixel density for the display and both have the ability to shoot 4K video. They have 2GB of RAM and an Apple A9 processor. That’s about where the similarities end. 

The front facing FaceTime camera on the SE is of significantly lesser quality than the iPhone 6s.

The iPhone SE is 4.87 inches in height and weighs 3.99 oz. while the 6s is 5.44 inches in height and 5.04 oz.  

If you're looking for the smallest, fastest iPhone, the iPhone SE is your best choice but if you’re looking for a decent model with durability, a few more features and a slightly larger display, the 6s would be your phone. 

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