Easy Hacks to Clean and Refresh Your iPhone at Home

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Chances are your smartphone has been places with you that you don’t want to admit. I mean, it’s no secret that we take our phones everywhere. As useful as they are, they can also be little germy pocket blocks. As your trusty sidekick in refurbished iPhones, we at Frank Mobile know that keeping your iPhone clean and fresh is important. Not only does it improve your phone's performance, but it also makes it look brand new. Here are five hacks that will help you achieve both!

Wipe it Down with a Lens Cloth

The easiest and most effective way to clean your iPhone is by simply using a lens cloth. Well… what a revelation; hear this out though. Lens cloths are designed to pick up dirt and dust while being gentle, making them ideal for wiping down your phone's screen and body. Think about the kind of cloth you would use on a pair of glasses. 

Lens cloths and soft microfiber cloths are ideal for phone cleaning. Simply rub your phone gently with the cloth to remove any smudges or fingerprints. If you really need to remove some gunk from your phone you can use a damp cloth or a 70-percent isopropyl alcohol wipe to do the job. Just don’t use cleaning solutions and never bleach. The latest iPhones actually have a protective coating that can be removed with harsh chemicals. For all of the rules on disinfecting your phone check out the article from Apple Support.

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Never spray your phone or saturate it with liquid. Also avoid using compressed air to clean the ports. Even though the latest models have some waterproofing, it does wear down with time. You also want to avoid any abrasive cloths or rags that might do more damage than good. 

Use a Toothbrush to Clean Your Speakers

Your iPhone's speakers can get clogged with dirt and debris, affecting the sound quality. To clean them, take a soft-bristled toothbrush and gently brush the speaker grills. This will remove any dirt or debris that may be blocking the sound.

Once you've brushed away the dirt, take a small strip of scotch tape (or painters tape) and press it gently against the speaker grill to remove any extra dust. This will ensure that your speakers are as clean as possible and that the sound quality is top-notch. Just make sure the tape doesn't leave any residue on your phone. Avoid any industrial tapes like duct tape. 

Remove Dirt from Charging Port with a Toothpick

Over time, your iPhone's charging port can accumulate dirt and debris, making it difficult to charge your phone. To clean it out, take a wooden toothpick and gently scrape away any dirt or dust that may be stuck inside. It’s usually easiest to scrape it to one corner and kind of scoop it out or drag it up the side of the port. You will probably be shocked at the little lint ball that accumulates. This technique also works really well with a SIM pin if you have one handy. Be careful not to damage any of the metal contacts inside the port.

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Protect Your Phone with a Case and Screen Protector

Prevention is the best cure when it comes to keeping your phone clean and fresh. Investing in a protective case and screen protector will not only keep your phone safe from scratches and damage, but it will also keep it looking new. Especially if you think of the value of refurbished phones these days; you can often get a great payout for trading in your old phone. It’s worth protecting it to keep it in great condition based on resale value alone. Make sure to clean your case and screen protector regularly to keep them in good condition. It could also be worth investing in a lens protector, especially if you’re a creator or if you use your phone primarily for video and photography..

There you have it – a few simple hacks to clean and refresh your iPhone at home. These simple tips will keep your phone looking and performing like new, making it a trusty companion for years to come. At Frank Mobile, we're all about keeping things fresh and easy, and we hope these tips will help you do just that!

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