8 Tips To Use Your iPhone More Efficiently

Your phone is more than a phone. It’s become a lifeline, a computer, a camera, a gaming system, and basically anything you need it to be. But what would you say if we told you there were ways to make your phone even more efficient? And most of them are already features on your iPhone...you just need to know about them? From tips and tricks to actual settings, here are some ways to use your iPhone more efficiently. 

woman in white turtleneck holding iphone

1) Hide Photos 

If you don’t want to delete photos off your phone that’s fine, but did you know you can hide photos on your camera roll to help declutter the app? That way the photos you need easy access to are right there, and the ones you don’t always need are for your eyes only. 

2) Clear App Memory

Ever feel like your phone is slowing down a bit and you can’t figure out why? Try clearing out your app memory. Power off your phone (not just locking it—seriously power it down), then turn it back on. This helps clear out your app memory so your phone will run faster. Make sure you do this every once in a while, especially if you’re something who doesn’t turn off their phone frequently. 

3) Respond with Text

You know how when someone calls you there’s an option to “Respond with Text”? You can actually personalize the three options to send to the caller. If you know that there are three main times you don’t answer the phone, let’s say when you’re in a meeting, when you’re making dinner, or you’re on the phone with someone else, then update your “Respond with Text” options to match. That way, when someone calls, you can easily respond without too much thought. Head to Settings > Phone > Respond With Text to personalize your options. 

4) Math in the Search Bar

Quick math problem that needs solving? Don’t search for your calculator app, just do quick math in your search bar. Just like on your computer’s search function, you can quickly do math in the search bar on your iPhone. It may save you a few seconds, and when you’re shopping, those seconds count! 

5) Close All Your Browser Tabs

In addition to your apps slowing down your phone, so can you open browser tabs. It happens to the best of us, opening new tabs all the time and never remembering to close them down. Instead of going through one by one to close the tabs, hold down the tab button in Safari and you’ll see the option to close all your open tabs.

6) Airplane Mode for Faster Charging

In a rush to get a full charge? Turn your phone on Airplane Mode for more juice. You can still connect to the WIFI if you need to, but when your phone is on Airplane Mode it’ll charge faster because it’s not using cell service.  

7) Delete Apps You Don’t Use

This may seem obvious, but if you’re not using an app, just go ahead and delete it. Not using Garageband? Get rid of it. Not using Stocks? Bye-bye. A lot of the apps that come on your iPhone can be removed if you’re not using them. And the beauty of apps is that you can always re-download them if you do need them some day. By deleting any apps you don’t use, you’re creating more space on your phone and letting it run more efficiently. 

8) Set up Siri Reminders

Want your phone to be a bit more than a phone? Make it sort of a personal assistant. You can ask Siri to remind you to get gas, and she’ll do it next time you’re in the car. Ask her to remind you to call your mom when you get home, she’ll do it. Make your life a little easier by enlisting the help of Siri. 

Playing around with the features on your phone can help you find ways to make it work more efficiently. Maybe that means rearranging your apps so you can access them better, or maybe it means using features to organize your day. Either way, your phone can be a life-changer when you use it efficiently. So what are you waiting for? Ask Siri to remind you to do it 😉.

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